You Donut Want To Miss This!: Breanna Cook


Koralyn Karls









Student: Breanna Cook, senior

Nominating staff member: Mrs. Jane Schmitz, art teacher

Nomination statement: “Breanna always comes ready for art class with a smile on her face and ready to work. She works very hard on her projects and strives to improve her skills! She is always willing to help others in class from finding something to advice on a project. I have enjoyed having her in class throughout her high school career!”


What was a dream career you had as a child? “Video game designer”

If you were a donut, what kind would you be and why? “A colorful sprinkled donut because I am creative and colorful”

When was the last time you cried of happiness and why? “When my dad squeezed my hand when I saw him at the hospital after the accident he was in”

If you could be a character, who would you be? “Donna Sheridan from ‘Mamma Mia!’”

What is one place you would really like to visit and why? “London to learn more about the history there”

What is your most prized possession and why? “The bracelet I got from my grandma and grandpa after getting confirmed — in memory of my aunt Michelle”

*The student as well as the nominating staff member each receives a box of donuts.