Former Heroin Addict to Speak About Recovery at CHS

Former Heroin Addict to Speak About Recovery at CHS

Isabell Kopf

From “dope dealer to hope dealer,” Mr. Nathan Scheer will be at CHS on March 27, to speak out about his life story and his recovery from heroin addiction. The event is called a Night of Hope and will be held in the Engler Center for the Performing Arts beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Mr. Scheer, a Fond du Lac native, was involved in a car accident in 2008, and for three and a half years was addicted to the prescribed pills he was given for the injuries caused by the accident. When doctors cut him off, he then substituted heroin for those pills.

After police were notified that he would not pass a drug test, Mr. Scheer was arrested at his home in front of his family in 2016. The humiliation he experienced was the epiphany he needed to change his life.

Mr. Scheer turned to service as a way of healing, and he and his youngest child, Bentley, began a father-son mission called “Adventures of a Baby Jerk Face.” The Scheers made it their duty to clean their community parks, streets and playgrounds as a way of giving back and trying to “rebuild what he had once destroyed.”

After becoming a “Hope Dealer,” Mr. Scheer found the courage to speak out and heal. Through his travels to speak about his story, he has found himself to be much more committed to staying sober.

After Mr. Scheer is finished speaking, there will be an expert panel that will be answering questions and giving more information about addiction and where to find help.

Since seating is limited in the Engler Center, registration for this event is required. Although, the event itself is free of charge. Free-will donations will be accepted and given to the Grant Richman Random Acts of Kindness Fund and Adventures of a Baby Jerk Face.

To register for this event or for more information, visit Ascension Healthcare’s events webpage at and enter “Chilton, WI” in the box beneath “Find by Location.”