Business Course Selling Tiger Merchandise Through March 31


Products designed by Intro. to Business students are available at the online store through March 31.

Bella Smith

In the Intro. to Business class, students are designing products for the Tiger’s Den, which is the CHS school store. In this project they have to complete market research, design a product and then promote their product.

Students in pairs are competing to make the greatest profit margin. Their prize for selling the most is they get to receive the profit from their design. The profit from the other groups goes to the Tiger’s Den.

Intro. to Business is taught by Mrs. Kelly Moehn, a business and computer science teacher. Mrs. Moehn said the project’s goal is to “have students apply what they have learned in class to a real-world business experience.”

Once students designed their products, Eagle Graphics of Kaukauna determined the cost and created the online store. Students then needed to price their products for the consumer. Students in the class are promoting their products in whatever way they see fit.

When asked about the designs, Mrs. Moehn said, “I think some (groups) are playing it safe, and some have taken some definite chances. I am waiting to see the outcome of the sale.”

With twelve groups — and more total products — supporting the Chilton Tigers will be the new style.

One design in particular by freshmen Bella Smith and Flanagan Brassfield is setting trends. The screen printed logo design on a charcoal grey sweatshirt is one of the newest merchandise everyone must have.

Selena Ruh, a freshman, said that her favorite part of the product is “the front pocket and the logo with the color coordination.”

To support the Intro. to Business students, go to the online store at The sale ends Sunday, March 31.

Intro. to Business is a project-based course that introduces students to various business topics and provides an overview of the world of business from an entrepreneurial (business owner) viewpoint, according to the Chilton High School Course Description & Registration Guide.