New principal at CHS


Shianne Berger

Mr. Shawn Rude, CHS’s new principal, is getting to know Chilton better, but he has family in the area and worked in the New Holstein School District for 11 years.

Shianne Berger

Last year, there was an opening as the high school principal after Mr. Ty Breitlow announced he was leaving for a superintendent position at Randolph. Mr. Shawn Rude was quick to snatch up this opportunity.

When asked why he chose Chilton, Mr. Rude said, “First and foremost, it was a good school. I knew Mr. Breitlow had really worked hard with the great staff and great community to build a great school.”

This year will be Mr. Rude’s 20th year in education. He was a high school social studies teacher as well as a middle school science teacher in New Holstein for 11 years. Afterwards, he was principal at Elcho High School for nine years.

Mr. Rude said that he moved back to the area to be closer to family and that this area has always felt like home to him.

Mr. Rude enjoyed his old job at Elcho High School and had said that it would take something special to leave that school. He thinks Chilton was that something special.

In relation to getting a new principal, everyone wants to know what improvements will be put into action. Mr. Rude doesn’t have anything specific he feels needs to be improved on. Instead, he wants to learn about this school and community first.

“(The improvements) will reveal themselves as I learn about the community and culture and learn about (the students). Also, promoting learning within the students, within the staff and within the building itself.”

When asked if he would bring different topics to the table, Mr. Rude said, “Building on that strength that you guys have in mental health, and with Sources of Strength coming in, that’s a really great compliment to all of the efforts that have been put in.”

CHS has been a supporter of mental health and suicide prevention for the past few years. Sources of Strength is a new program at CHS this school year. According to, it is “a best practice youth suicide prevention project designed to harness the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture, ultimately preventing suicide, bullying, and substance abuse.”

Not only is Mr. Rude the principal, he tries to understand the students and get involved with them. He wants to understand students in every light. He’s been in the back of classrooms as well as going to football and volleyball games.

According to Mr. Rude, the theme for this school year is, “all about doing those little things because little things add up to big things.”