CHS Alumni Return to Paint New Mural


Claudia Brown

Catherine Ross Stanton, front left, is known as the “First Lady” of Chilton and is featured in the Chilton mural. She was a direct descendant of a Narragansett Indian king and came to eastern Wisconsin from Rhode Island in 1844.

Claudia Brown

Throughout this past summer, the local communities supplied generous support towards the Calumet County Mural Initiative. The murals in Chilton and Stockbridge were designed with an educational component. The Chilton mural depicts a 75 year span in Chilton’s history.

The Chilton mural, located on the side of one of Chilton’s older buildings on west Main Street, depicts a mass of prominent figures in Chilton’s history. Every detail seen in the mural was thought out and planned by the artists.

Different artists were brought in to work on the mural. Artist James Barany, a Chilton native, played a primary role in the completion of these murals. He graduated from CHS in 1988, and currently works in an art studio in Waukesha called The Springs.

“It was a great honor to be the lead artist in this project,” Mr. Barany said, “and to give back in a manner that seems fitting for my capabilities.”

Mr. Barany worked with other CHS graduates such as Ms. Olivia Bonlander, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, majoring in art education.

When speaking about working with Ms. Bonlander, he said, “She is an up and rising artist who was committed to this from the beginning.” He also said that she was a great liaison for the public and that she would fully engage with all who came to talk with them.

The mural is comprised of many different important Chilton residents. One of the many figures is Catherine Ross Stanton. She is considered the “First Lady” of Chilton. Stanton donated much of the grounds that many buildings stand on before she died in 1863.

Other important people throughout Chilton’s history are Harrison Carroll Hobart, George D. Breed and Adam Schluchter, all of whom are Civil War veterans. They are shown in front of a march through the town center to celebrate the return of World War I veterans.

Minor details throughout the mural also show important views into Chilton’s past. “Chillington” is featured as the town’s original name. The State Street bridge is included as well as St. Mary’s bell tower.

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