You Donut Want to Miss This!: Brittney Schoenung


Koralyn Karls











Student: Brittney Schoenung, sophomore

Nominating staff member: Mrs. Bonnie Mallmann, family and consumer economics teacher, and members of the S.H.A.R.E. (Students Helping, Accepting, Relating and Empowering others to succeed) class

Nomination statement: “Brittney is one of the most helpful members of our S.H.A.R.E. program. She is so compassionate with all members and knows just what to say or do when help is needed. She is kind and considerate of all of her classmates and always willing to do anything for anyone.”


What was a dream career you had as a child? “Working at a daycare.”

If you knew me, you would know that I . . . “love to help people.”

If you could be a fictional character, whom would you be and why? “Olaf from ‘Frozen’ because he is cool.”

What is your secret talent? “Knowing when people need help.”

Whom is one person — alive or dead — you would like to share a meal with? “Aaron Rodgers.”

What is your favorite article of clothing and why? “Sweatshirts because they keep me warm.”

*The student as well as the nominating staff member each receives a box of donuts.