New Engler Center Executive Director


Karin Juhl

The Engler Center for the Performing Arts Executive Director Jenie Farrell pulls the fly lines backstage.

Claudia Brown and Karin Juhl

Earlier this year, Mrs. Jenie Farrell was hired as the new executive director of the Chilton Public Schools’ Engler Center for the Performing Arts.

Mrs. Farrell said her main tasks are raising funds for the center for concerns such as maintenance, booking events from outside the district and helping backstage with performances such as the elementary, middle and high school musicals.

Outside the performing arts, Mrs. Farrell also makes sure that the Engler Center is ready for events such as teacher in service days and CHS’s picture day.

Earlier this year, she stumbled upon the Engler Center job opening. “This was my ideal job,” Mrs. Farrell said, “but one like this is hard to find in Wisconsin.”

Mrs. Farrell applied for the job after speaking with Chilton Public Schools Superintendent Susan Kaphingst and received the position soon afterwards. “What helped the decision was that the arts are really supported here,” Mrs. Farrell said, “and you guys have an amazing facility.”

The Engler Center was constructed in 2003, thanks to a generous donation by the Engler family.

“Of the many well qualified applicants for the position, we felt she was very organized and passionate about the arts and would be a great fit for our team,” said high school choir and high school musical director Ms. Amy
Smejkal, who has worked with Mrs. Farrell since the beginning of the school year.

When asked about her future plans for the Engler Center, Mrs. Farrell said, “I would love to bring a touring theater group in sometime in the next few years.”

She also mentioned wanting to see more student-run events and possibly classes on set design and building. “If students are looking at a potential career in theater,” Mrs. Farrell said, “I want them to be able to get as much hands-on experience as they can.”

Mrs. Farrell grew up in Wrightstown and is a graduate of UW-Whitewater with a degree in arts management. Prior to this position, she worked for eleven years as a director of a dance company.