Students Win AODA Grant for $1000


Claudia Brown and Karin Juhl

Seniors Julia Breckheimer and Hailey Schwobe are two of the three students who wrote and won a $1000 grant. Themoney will be used to hold #ChiltonStrongWeek later this school year.

Claudia Brown and Karin Juhl

CHS received an AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse) grant for one thousand dollars from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to be used in a project called #ChiltonStrongWeek later this school year.

Principal Mr. Shawn Rude and Dean of Students Mr. Tim Trace first received an email about this grant opportunity. They then shared it with School Counselor Mrs. Denys Mallmann, who searched for students who would have an interest in writing the grant.

“I appreciated that a requirement was that it be student-driven,” Mrs. Mallmann said. “I believe that programming efforts are more likely to be effective in our school if they are programs designed by the students for the students.”

At the beginning of October, seniors Hailey Schwobe, Sophie Brandt and Julia Breckheimer started writing the application under Mrs. Mallmann’s supervision.

The girls decided to work together as representatives of organizations within the Chilton community, such as Sources of Strength, Link Crew, Suicide Prevention Committee and REACH (Reducing Excessive Alcohol Consumption for Health).

They were inspired by the lack of participation during Homecoming Week and want to increase enthusiasm and positivity during #ChiltonStrongWeek, a week of substance abuse awareness and facts about mental health.

To apply for the grant, the team of students had to write a plan about what they would do with the money if they won the grant. They had to answer questions such as “Describe how the idea for this project was developed,” and “What problems at your school will this mini-grant project address?”

Schwobe said that #ChiltonStrongWeek “will target substance abuse and reduce the stigma around talking about mental health in our school.”

This grant helped to incorporate the goals that the girls have.

Brandt said they want to “make Chilton High School an outstanding place for mental health awareness, drug abuse prevention and social acceptance.”

Mrs. Mallmann submitted the grant to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in the fall and received the news that they’d won the grant in the middle of December.

The dates of #ChiltonStrongWeek are still to be determined. The girls are still waiting on confirmation from various teachers and organizations, but they are hoping for the event to take place sometime in March or April.

Some things the CHS community can expect during #ChiltonStrongWeek are different wellness activities, such as yoga and art therapy, and a selfie frame project, which will help students find someone they can turn to for support. There will also be a parent education night where parents will be educated about different youth risk-taking behaviors.