You Donut Want to Miss This!: Patrick Calnin


Koralyn Karls











Student: Patrick Calnin, senior

Nominating staff member: Mr. Shawn Rude, principal

Nomination statement: “Patrick has done a great job being a teammate and supporter for the basketball program. He has also helped Mr. Bartels with the aquaponics system on his own time. He’s done water tests, planted seeds, cleaned the clarifier tank, etc. Patrick is always a positive person who represents himself and our school very well.”


If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be and why? “It would be to create truly original ideas.”

If you could be a fictional character, whom would you be and why? “Captain Jack Sparrow because his oddities are what make him everyone’s favorite.”

Where do you see yourself in five years? “I think I will be in some office or lab drawing up designs for cars.”

What is one place you would really like to visit and why? “Greece because of the rich history and societal progression that took place centuries ago.”

Whom is one person — alive or dead — you would like to share a meal with? “Gordon Ramsay because either I’m getting a phenomenal meal or sitting in on a phenomenal roast.”

What is your favorite article of clothing and why? “My watch because it came from someone very important to me and is a part of my style now.”

*The student as well as the nominating staff member each receives a box of donuts.