You Donut Want To Miss This!: Emily Koehler


Koralyn Karls










Student: Emily Koehler, junior

Nominating staff member: Mrs. Sallie Peik, teacher

Nomination statement: “Emily exhibits a tremendous work ethic and positive attitude toward school and life in general. She has faced enormous challenges in life and always continues to have a smile and kind words for those around her. She is a great example to everyone who meets her.”


What was a dream career you had as a child? “As a child I have always wanted to have my own bakery shop and bake fresh cupcakes.”

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be and why? “One ability I would like to have is being able to know the right words to say when someone is hurting or sad.”

What’s a “naughty” thing you did as a kid? “When my dad got home from work, he would fall asleep on the couch, so I would go into the fridge and throw eggs on the floor. That was fun.”

If you were a donut, what kind would you be and why? “I would be a plain glazed donut with rainbow sprinkles because I’m sweet and simple, but I always have a little attitude to me and a little fun.”

Where do you see yourself in five years? “I see myself finishing college at Texas for arts and psychology.”

What is your most prized possession and why? “My most prized possession is my trophy I won from submitting art to the Texas arts rodeo competition. I won best in show, and my art was displayed in the Houston rodeo.”

*The student as well as the nominating staff member each receives a box of donuts.