University Study Informs Music Classes’ Pandemic Changes


Karin Juhl and Auggie Knaus

Because of the pandemic, many classes at CHS have had to make adjustments to meet COVID-19 restrictions. Two classes that have had to make huge adjustments are choir and band.

The Chilton School District Music Department has been using the guidelines provided by the University of Colorado Boulder after conducting their Performing Arts Aerosol Study in July.

The study concluded that singing and playing an instrument creates more aerosol spread than normal talking, meaning that virus particles could spread farther. To help prevent the spread of aerosols, two layers of fabric must be placed over all instruments’ bells to create bell covers, and they should be played six feet apart from one another. Trombones, however, need nine feet.

For singing, people must also stand six feet apart and be masked when singing indoors.

Rehearsals should be limited to thirty minutes for both singing and instrument playing, according to the study.

     Ellie Fuerbringer, a senior participating in both band and choir, said “I feel lucky that we are still able to sing and play, even if it’s not exactly like other years.”

With new COVID-19 restrictions in place, both the choir and band have had to make adjustments to their practice spaces. Ms. Michelle Kochan, the high school band director, has moved the band into the Engler Center for the Performing Arts. And Ms. Josephine Annelin, the high school choir teacher, has taken over the wrestling room for choir.