New Social Studies Teacher


Photo by: Claudia Brown Mr.Scott Sabel teaches a section of Economics wearing a t-shirt that honers his favorite show ‘The Office’ on CHS’s Halloween dress up day.

Lukas Halbach

Every year at CHS, there are some new faces — whether they are students, nutrition staff, maintenance staff, administrators or, of course, teachers. This year, there are three new teachers plus a new school counselor and a new school resource officer. The Prowler will be introducing each of them over the next several issues.

Mr. Scott Sabel, the new social studies teacher, was kind enough to answer some questions, so the community can better understand his background and how he ended up as the teacher we see now.

“Right now, I teach two classes, and I enjoy teaching both of them, Economics especially and how it connects to everything we do,” Mr. Sabel said in regards to his favorite class that he teaches. “I also enjoy Psychology and the study of our minds and inner workings, but I would probably choose Economics.”

     Mr. Sabel also mentioned AP Human Geography, a class that was offered last year when he was a long-term sub here. The number of students who registered for that course this year was much lower, so Mr. Sabel doesn’t get the opportunity to teach it this year.

He said this is his first full-time teaching job besides a couple of long-term sub positions he had in the previous two years.

After graduating from UW-Oshkosh, Mr. Sabel said he was hired by a company called Weather Central, which was based in Madison. They created weather systems that they sold to companies like WLUK Fox 11 and even big national stations such as ABC for “Good Morning America.”

He created the maps that went on those weather stations. Mr. Sabel would also make the imagery so that when the viewers zoomed in they saw certain levels of detail. And he created the vector files which go on top of that and show borders, highways and similar features that allow viewers to see outlines and shades of things.

Then a company Mr. Sabel wasn’t a big fan of bought Weather Central for a completely new purpose. He knew it was time to make a career change.

“Honestly, I have always thought about teaching and becoming a social studies teacher and really blend something I already know a lot about with geography and something I am really passionate about, which is education and working with kids,” Mr. Sabel said. “I have always been active with things like Scouts and coaching football. I’ve always enjoyed any opportunity to educate the youth.”

He said that if there was one thing he wishes he could tell all students he would tell them, “Whatever you decide now doesn’t have to be the only (job) you do for the rest of your life. You can take that, and you can learn and grow from it. And if you decide you want to do something else, maybe it’s a little shift, maybe it’s a big shift, or maybe you find something you love and is a great fit.”

For his teaching degree, Mr. Sabel went back to UW-Oshkosh, but this time in the Alternative Careers in Teaching program, allowing him to not have to repeat some of the classes he already completed his first time in college.

He said, “The biggest thing is that you find things you enjoy and are passionate about, but don’t feel like you have to stay stuck and it be the only thing you can do.”

When asked about what really separates Chilton from the other schools he had been at, Mr. Sabel said, “There are several things that make Chilton unique. I can definitely say nowhere is quite like Chilton. My favorite part is the students and staff. They were very welcoming last year and very welcoming to me this year. It felt like a very natural fit.

I enjoy the students. And I think, overall, when you think of a student body, you are thinking about very diverse individuals. But, overall, I think here you have a lot of very kind-hearted kids who are actually motivated to learn and are respectful to the teachers. And I feel like it’s just a positive environment.”

Outside of school Mr. Sabel is a huge football fan. His favorite team is the Packers. Not only does he watch football, he used to help coach it, as well. He doesn’t just watch football either. His favorite TV show is “The Office,” which he said he has watched a time or two too much.