Hole(note) Filled in the Music Department


Hayden Bailey


Students in middle school choir and Mixed Choir and Concert Chorale at CHS are becoming more and more familiar with the new choir teacher, Ms. Josephine Annelin.

In an effort to introduce our new staff members to the general public, The Prowler continues to introduce one of them in each issue this fall semester.

This job is the first teaching job Ms. Annelin has ever had. She is a recent graduate from the University of WisconsinMadison, so, naturally, Ms. Annelin is a Wisconsin Badgers fan. At UW-Madison, she just finished up her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance.

     “Music has been my life since I was four years old,” Ms. Annelin said. “The ability to perform and share my passion of vocal music with others is truly a gift. And since I have been involved with music at such a young age, I can’t even imagine being without it.”

Ms. Annelin is new to the small city of Chilton, and when asked what her favorite part about it is, she said, “The community. This is such a welcoming, considerate and caring community, and I feel humbled every day to be working with the people I am.”

While Ms. Annelin is new to teaching, she has already learned not to play favorites. “I love working with all of my choirs. Each group has a unique sound and personality that always makes my days interesting,” Ms. Annelin said. “I love the positivity of my seventh-grade classes, the experimentality of my eighth-grade classes, the dedication of Concert Chorale and the energy of Mixed Choir.”

When asked what her favorite subject was as a student, she said, “Other than music, I have to say it was French. I love language classes.” She’s familiar enough with foreign languages that if she wasn’t able to teach music like she does currently, Ms. Annelin said she’d teach French or Spanish.

She also offered some advice to every student at Chilton for these difficult and turbulent times. “Do not ever be afraid of taking chances,” Ms. Annelin said. “Sounds cliche, but you never know the risks if you don’t try!”

Growing up, her dream job was to work for Disney. “Funnily enough, before I started here, I had a job lined up at Walt Disney World in Florida, and I was auditioning in different states to hopefully be a performer there,” Ms. Annelin said. Just like several other things, however, the internship was cancelled due to COVID, but I hope to go back in the future.”

Because Ms. Annelin’s favorite TV show is “The Office,” which is popular among the student body, she’ll have no problem fitting right in.

Due to concerns for student health and safety from COVID-19, CHS did not perform its yearly fall musical. However, the possibility of a spring performance is not off the table yet. When asked about ideas for a spring musical, Ms. Annelin said, “No spoilers on my end!” A mysterious answer that could mean many things for theater fans.