Juniors Win Homecoming Class Competition for Third Time


Photo submitted by Anita Popp and Kristin Breckheimer, Sophomore Jackson Ludwig and Senior Lukas Halbach celebrate at Morrissey Field after the Tigers beat the Oostburg Flying Dutchmen in overtime.

Alex Bowe

This year, CHS’s Homecoming had to see some changes to align with COVID-19 mitigation measures.

During the school days, CHS had a class competition in which the different grades participated in socially distanced games. Chilton’s new choir teacher, Ms. Josephine Annelin, said, “It was a bit chaotic, but the dress-up days were fun.”

These dress-up days included Pajama Day, Hillbilly Day, Support the Veterans Day, Hawaiian/Beach Day and Chilton Pride Day.

Classes scored points based on participation for dress-up days and how the grades placed in games such as a schoolwide quiz about the faculty and co-ed volleyball. At the end, it was revealed that the juniors, Class of 2022, had won for the third year in a row.

     “I’m glad that we had dress-up days,” sophomore Kaedanse Rothe said.But I’m disappointed about the volleyball game and how (the viewing) worked.” To keep everyone socially distanced, the volleyball games were played in the gym and broadcast to the rest of the student body in their homerooms.

“We couldn’t do most of what we normally do because we couldn’t bring big groups of people together, like the parade and the assembly. Instead, we had to try thinking outside the box and figure out what we could do that could be virtual and still be fun and get people involved,” said Mrs. Samantha Meyers, co-adviser to Student Council. “It took a lot of creative thinking, and, unfortunately, we had to cut some things out. But I think, in the end, we did what we could given the circumstances.”

On Tuesday of Homecoming Week, CHS had guest speakers from Rise Together, an organization focused on preventing addiction and advocating the importance of mental health. Over a virtual meeting, the students learned about the speakers’ struggles with addiction. They were taught about having creative outlets such as poetry.

The virtual presentation ended with the introduction of a new student organization called The RAISE Project that will raise awareness about addiction and mental health and lead the community in changing the stigma around pressures that can lead to unhealthy choices.

Students and staff of CHS were surprised when it was announced that there would be a football game during Homecoming Week. The game was the first of the playoffs. At Morrissey Park on November 13, the Tigers went up against Oostburg High School. The thrilling game was tied at the end of the fourth quarter. After Chilton won the overtime coinflip, they won with a final score of 34-28.

This game was a part of the 2020 Wisconsin High School Football Playoff Brackets: WIAA Division 4. The WIAA restructured the playoffs this year due to the pandemic. CHS competed in a regional consolation bracket of four teams.