CHS Welcomes New School Counselor


Photo by Claudia Brown Mrs.Tara Bruckner, CHS new school counselor, encourages students to visit her office in Pupil Services

Alex Bowe

Mrs. Tara Bruckner is CHS’s new school counselor, and one of her jobs responsibilities is to help students find future careers and colleges.

In an effort to introduce our new staff members to the general public, The Prowler continues to introduce one of them in each issue this fall semester.

“I felt very welcomed (by CHS),” Mrs. Bruckner said, and can’t wait to help students.”

     Mrs. Bruckner has 13 years of experience from Little Chute, Valders, UW-Oshkosh and Gibraltar High School.

She received her undergraduate degree from UW-Green Bay and her master’s from UW-Oshkosh.

During her college experience, Mrs. Bruckner worked with children with autism for five years. She also stated that other than wanting to be a school counselor, she wanted to teach Alt-Ed, which adds alternate learning environments for students who either need more help learning or learn in very specific ways.

Mrs. Bruckner enjoys working in Chilton. She said that this is because it is very close to where she grew up and she can support people that she knows from around the community.

A piece of advice that she would like to give to every student is, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight!”

While growing up, Mrs. Bruckner’s favorite subject in school was science, especially chemistry.

Her dream job was to become a writer because she wanted to inspire people.

Some more interesting facts about Mrs. Bruckner are: her favorite color is green, her favorite show is “The Big Bang Theory” and she loves the Green Bay Packers.