CHS’S Own ‘The Masked Singer’ Contest


Cat, who turned out to be senior Ellie Fuerbringer, sings ‘Turning Tables’ by Adele in the third and final round of CHS’s ‘The Masked Singer’ contest.

Claudia Brown

CHS held its own “The Masked Singer” contest as a way to bring some joy to an abnormal school year. Originally to be held by the Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, the advisor to the group, Mrs. Kelly Moehn, decided to open it up to the whole school.

“I believed that the school needed something fun and creative,” said Mrs. Moehn, a business and computer science teacher.

Eight students performed in the contest, which was later shown to the school during homeroom. The performances were also available online for students who were unavailable during homeroom.

Seniors Ellie Fuerbringer and Sara Ray, juniors Mason Mertz, Hayden Bailey, Jade and Scarlett Kimbro and Ali Pinkert as well as sophomore Alex Bowe all participated in the contest.

Each contestant was to prepare three songs to be recorded. Based on when they recorded, the contestants were paired against each other in a single-elimination tournament.

     The contestants were able to choose which song they wanted played for each level of the contest. The videos were then edited together and shown to the school.

Ellie Fuerbringer, one of the contestants, said, “We recorded our songs a while ago and had no clue what the other people were singing, so watching it was really exciting.”

     A two-hour delay, class registration and other co-curricular meetings made it difficult to show the videos to the school. Despite that, 90 students participated in voting for the first round.

Students were also able to guess whom the contestants were under the masks for a chance to win a gift card. Some of the masks were a cat, unicorn, bear and frog.

Forty-eight students attempted to guess who the contestants were. Of the fourteen students who identified all of them correctly, a randomized drawing selected the winner. Abigail Prescott, a junior, won the gift card.

The finalists were Ellie Fuerbringer and Sara Ray. Ray sang “Party in the USA” by Miley Cirus, and Fuerbringer sang “Turning Tables” by Adele in the last round. Fuerbringer ended up winning.

“I know the performers enjoyed themselves, and I like to think that the school body received some enjoyment from it, as well,” Mrs. Moehn said.

In the final round, there was a surprise performance by a few of the teachers. They decided to sing “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John.