Retired Librarian Returns to Work in CHS Office


Photo by Karin Juhl Mrs. Christine Saukel, who retired last year after 27 years as the CHS librarian, now works mornings as an administrative assistant in the high school office with Mrs. Diane Stenz.

Karin Juhl

Last year, school librarian Mrs. Christine Saukel made the tough decision to retire after being at CHS for 27 years. However, in early March, she came back to work part-time in the office.

Mrs. Saukel works alongside Mrs. Diane Stenz, the full-time administrative assistant.

     I was still open to being a part of the school in some way, with a more flexible schedule,” Mrs. Saukel said. “(CHS Principal) Mr. Rude called me up one day and said they needed someone to help Mrs. Stenz in the office in the mornings, so I said yes!”

Normally, CHS has two full-time administrative assistants working in the office. However, after one of the administrative assistants left last school year, the position was not filled because of budget constraints.

Mrs. Saukel said she enjoys the organizational work and aspects of the job a lot, similar to her library background. She also likes the variety of tasks she does. “I am totally amazed at how Mrs. Stenz keeps track of it all,” she said.

     Taking attendance every day is one part of the job that Mrs. Saukel said she didn’t realize the complexity of. Keeping track of everyone who comes in late, leaves early and is sickespecially with virtual students, as well — “is almost like a full-time job,” she said.

So far, Mrs. Saukel has learned a small portion of the procedures that arise throughout the day and is continuing to learn more every day. She said she appreciates how students have been patient, polite and friendly while she tries her best to help.

Mrs. Saukel’s position is only temporary, until the end of the school year.

Not only does she now work in the office, Mrs. Saukel also still helps out with the yearbook, like before her retirement, alongside co-advisor and art teacher Mrs. Jane Schmitz.