Special Happy Birthday Notes for Students


Photo by Alex Bowe Seniors (front) Cody Fritz, Madison Maney and (back) Spencer Kratz plus Mr. Danny Mallmann, a special education teacher, give students birthday notes that they can turn in for treats.

Alex Bowe

At CHS, every student looks forward to their birthday when they will receive a birthday note and gift from Mr. Danny Mallmann, a special education teacher, and his students.

A couple of years ago, Student Council started putting birthday cards on students’ lockers that they could turn in for treats. They later entrusted Mr. Mallmann and his students to continue giving students and teachers birthday treats.

Now, Mr. Mallmann plus seniors Cody Fritz, Spencer Kratz and Madison Maney travel the halls almost daily to wish students a happy birthday.

Maney said, “I like birthday stuff and visiting kids.”

     All students can turn their cards into Mr. Mallmann for a treat of candy or cookies.

Kratz said, “I like wishing people a happy birthday.”

All cards for summer birthdays are handed out during the first week of the new school year, according to Mr. Mallmann.

“I do this so no one feels like we missed their birthday,” Fritz said.

Due to COVID-19, students are allowed to carry backpacks with them this school year, so many students don’t use their lockers. Instead of placing birthday notes on students’ lockers, they’re taped to the classroom door of students’ homerooms.

After receiving her treat, freshman Carleigh Kohlman said, “I feel happy and special because they made me feel important on my birthday.”