Tennis Making a Comeback


Photo by Alex Bowe Senior Wyatt Yindra plays tennis after school with Mr. Tom Molitor and Mr. Scott Sabel, history teachers who are encouraging students to try tennis through a new co-curricular: Tennis Club.

Alex Greuel

Tennis Club has started and would like to have more people join.

Mr. Tom Molitor and Mr. Scott Sabel, who are both history teachers, are having Tennis Tuesdays or Thursdays after school.

Mr. Molitor said, “Some students were really interested in tennis since not many people use the courts. Students can then explore their interests.”

Tennis Club’s mission statement is “Provide a positive environment for students and staff to enjoy the game of tennis and compete at various levels.”

     Senior Wyatt Yindra has been one of the main students who participate in Tennis Club and has been trying to get more people to sign up.

Yindra joined Tennis Club because, “Tennis is relaxing and an aggressive sport depending on who you are. It gets me very excited, and it is just super fun to do. It isn’t that hard either.”

Tennis Club is a way for students to see if the sport is for them even if they haven’t ever played tennis before.

     When asked why students should join Tennis Club, Yindra said, “It gives you freedom from the world. It gives your brain something to focus on. It can really take your mind off of stuff on busy days. You can also learn handeye coordination, which is very important.”

The last time CHS had a tennis team was 2016.

Students interested in signing up for Tennis Club should stop by Mr. Molitor’s classroom.

Tennis Club will not be meeting during the winter but will start back up during spring when the nets are back up.