In Ten Words or Less


Abigail Waggoner

In ten words or less, why should students elect you Homecoming king/queen?

Katelyn Sohrweide, senior: “I’m a friendly and helpful person.”

Sam Schmitz, senior: “Just gotta sender once in a while.”


McKella Oakley, senior: “I have a positive personality.”

Jordan Lemke, senior: “Because…”


Miranda Logemann, senior: “They don’t have to, but YOLO.”

Wyatt Yindra, senior: “Because I’ve got the moves like John Cena.”


Olivia Hoerl, senior: “Vote if you want. I don’t care either way.”

Alex Breckheimer, senior: “QB 1. Peace out.”


Tatum Woodcock, senior: “I think people should vote for whomever they want.”

Mitchell Schwobe, senior: “Malt-Licky.”