Column: CHS Grad ‘Tackles’ First Semester of College


Lukas Halbach

Hello, Chilton. I’m back. It feels like just yesterday that I would write an article for The Prowler every week, but here I am, now, writing from my dorm room getting ready to finish up my first semester in college.

College so far is going great. I currently go to UW-Green Bay, and to say that college is completely different from high school would be an understatement. From living at the same place that you go to school and being surrounded by your friends 24/7 to meeting new people every day, college brings a whole new set of challenges and adventures.

Classes are also very different. I currently am a math major with an emphasis on statistics with a minor in communication. From my first stats class to an astronomy class, I’ve studied a little bit of everything.

     The biggest difference from high school is the frequency of classes. I only have class Monday, Wednesday and Friday due to two online classes, and most of the work is done outside of class.

I’ve met so many unique people and had so many new challenges. College has been a wonderful experience.

Photo submitted by Lukas Halbach

Lukas Halbach, Class of 2021, stands outside R.E. Small Residence Hall at the beginning of his first semester at UW-Green Bay.