Ms. Steer Guides Band


Photo by Marissa Ray Ms. Megan Steer, the long-term substitute for the seventh- to twelfth-grade band teacher, directs Symphonic Band.

Hale Miron

Earlier this year, Ms. Michelle Kochan, the seventh- to twelfth-grade band teacher, left for basic training for the Wisconsin Army National Guard. In her stead, Ms. Megan Steer took up the mantle as a long-term substitute.

“I have been involved with music ever since I was a child,” Ms. Steer said. “I took piano lessons when I was in second grade and continued with them through college. When I was in fifth grade, I wanted to join band and play alto saxophone.”

She also was invited to attend a music camp during the summer before her freshman year of high school.

     This isn’t Ms. Steers’ first teaching position either. She directs a summer music program in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, and plans to return to directing it when Ms. Kochan returns to CHS.

“Band has been nothing but a delight! Despite how much I miss Kochan, I love working with Ms. Steer!” said senior Jesse Sandholm, who plays the tuba in Symphonic Band. “I believe Steer made a good choice to come work for us as her first school, and I can’t wait to make more memories with her and help in doing my part to improve the whole band! Kochan is going to be amazed!”

Ms. Steer graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College, in Milwaukee.

“If you are looking for a small campus with small class sizes, WLC is a good option,” Ms. Steer said. “Additionally, it is known for its education and nursing programs. Both band and choir tour every year.”

Some fun facts about Ms. Steer are that she didn’t want to become anything other than a music teacher, her favorite color is maroon and her favorite TV show is “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”