Students Launch Weekly Sports Podcast


Sophomores Alex Greuel and Ryan Pierquet co-host Tiger Nation, a weekly podcast about CHS sports.

Marissa Ray

Tiger Nation is a weekly podcast co-hosted by sophomores Alex Greuel and Ryan Pierquet about all sports run through CHS.

Greuel created Tiger Nation because he wants to be a sports broadcaster or talk about sports when he is older. And he wants to get some experience before college.

Greuel said, “I also want people to know what is going on in Chilton sports so that if you can’t watch it, you can listen to us talk about it.”

Pierquet was asked to be co-host so that the conversation flows better and because Greuel didn’t want to just have a conversation by himself.

Pierquet said, “It is fun to be able to work with Alex. And it is fun to be able to talk about sports that are played by the boys and girls teams.”

Greuel and Pierquet interview athletes on the show. So far, they’ve only had football players on: senior Alex Breckheimer and juniors Jared Gehl, Max Mueller and Logan See.

     See is also now the wrestling expert for the podcast. “It was fun to record and everyone should go listen to it,” he said.

To listen to Tiger Nation and stay up to date on what is happening in CHS sports, go to

Mr. Tom Molitor, a social studies teacher, came up with the idea for the podcast and helped with the naming of it.

Greuel and Pierquet record the podcast in the back of the library using a microphone plugged into one of their Chromebooks.

Tiger Nation is run through The Prowler Club.