Gov. Evers Visits Chilton Middle School


Karin Juhl

Gov. Tony Evers, as well as State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jill Underly, came to Chilton Middle School to hold a press conference on December 2.

The governor was able to secure one-time federal funding for schools from COVID-19 relief funds. The $110 million will equal about $134 per student, and Chilton will see approximately $140,000.

“Money — even with smaller school districts like Chilton — makes a difference,” Gov. Evers said during the press conference. “For us to be able to assist in their struggles, we need to make sure they really have the resources they need.”

Gov. Evers came to Chilton to deliver this news. He also visited Milwaukee, Stevens Point and La Crosse. He wanted to share this information in both larger and smaller school districts

“Each school system has worked through its own challenges over the past few years, and it was important that the message of additional funds was heard in different locations,” said Chiton Middle School Principal Mr. Matt Kiel.

Chilton schools have faced many additional expenses due to the pandemic. Money was needed to purchase PPE and disinfecting and cleaning equipment. The district also hired an additional person to help keep the schools clean. 

As well, Chilton School District has provided more resources for students who are falling behind in class or struggling with their mental health.

The $140,000 going to the district will be put towards the budget. According to Superintendent Mrs. Sue Kaphingst, this money will most likely be used to provide mental health services and other programs for kids who are struggling.

During their visit, Gov. Evers and Mrs. Underly also toured the middle school. They were able to visit a couple of classes and have conversations with both staff and students.

“People might have different political views, but it was still an honor to have the governor visit our school,” Mrs. Kaphingst said.

The governor’s office called Chilton School District on Nov. 30, offering the opportunity to host the event. The IT department, Mr. Kiel and Mrs. Kaphingst were the main people involved in preparing for the event.