Teacher Runs More Than 100,000 Miles


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Mary Gebhart Coach Rocky Gozdziewski walks with the girls cross country team as they prepare for their conference meet at New Holstein on Oct. 16.

Emma Wagner

Mr. Rocky Gozdziewski, who teaches physical education and coaches cross country and track at CHS, surpassed the 100,000-mile mark in his running career on November 27, 2021.

Having an accomplished runner as a coach shows that Mr. G knows what he is talking about,” said sophomore Alydia Wieting, a member of the cross country team. “After years of experience, he knows the ups and downs of running and has experienced firsthand what different workouts can do to the body. This makes me the strongest runner I can be in my high school career.”

Mr. G – as he’s known to students – started running when he was 15 years old. He first joined track his freshman year of high school. When Mr. G was a freshman, he also played football but injured his leg. During his sophomore year, his friend convinced him to join cross country.

Mr. G went to UW-La Crosse. He said, “I wasn’t a superstar, but I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot and made a lot of lifelong friends.”

He started teaching at CHS in 1993 but started coaching here in 1984.

     “When I was younger, I would run seven days a week, sometimes twice a day, and averaged around 70-80 miles a week,” Mr. G said. “My standard long run was 15 miles. Recently, I’ve been running five to six days a week for around 30 miles a week with my long run only seven to eight miles.”

     Mr. G keeps motivated by playing tricks on his mind, telling himself that if he’s not feeling it, he could stop. But almost every time, he runs the distance he intends to.

“During the cold, it is a little harder to run, but if you know how to dress, it’s really not that bad,” Mr. G said.

Running 100,000 miles is a huge accomplishment, but for Mr. G it wasn’t his intention to run 100,000 miles. He was just running to run.

Senior cross country team member Emma Bartels said, “Having such an accomplished runner as a coach has helped push me to believe, reach and achieve my goals.”

Mr. G is now taking a month’s rest but one of his final goals is to do a road race.

“Congrats, G!! Thanks for being a great coach and leader all my years of running!” said Teressa Gebhart, also a senior cross country runner. “Your commitment and love of running all those years has pushed me, as well as my teammates, to be better people, better runners and better teammates. Congrats again!”