Column: First Girls State Wrestling Tournament


KayDance Nolan

Photo submitted by Mrs. Kristin Nolan
Junior KayDance Nolan wrestles in the very first WIAA Girls State Wrestling Championships.

The inaugural WIAA Girls State Wrestling Championships was held January 29, in the La Crosse Center. Two hundred twenty-four contestants from 105 schools competed. Chilton sent two competitors. Unfortunately, one wasn’t able to participate due to a concussion.

I’m a junior who’s been wrestling since I was in fifth grade and, finally, getting to see us ladies have our own WIAA girls state tournament in Wisconsin was just unbelievable.

The people who ran the tournament really put time into making it special for us high school girl wrestlers. I couldn’t have asked for a better tournament.

They even had Adeline Gray, a six-time women’s wrestling world champ and two-time Olympian, come and award the place winners with their medals. It was a dream come true, and I can’t wait to see how much girls wrestling grows in Wisconsin in the years to come.

Even though I didn’t place, it was an amazing experience that I can’t wait for

more girls to participate in.

They had a raised stage, smoke, lights and bumpin’ music along with it for the finals.

I am so grateful and lucky to be able to have experienced an event like that. I can’t wait for next year!