Alumnus Returns to Speak about Studying Abroad


Photo submitted by Amber Halbach Amber Halbach (Class of 2020) enjoys the sights of Paraguay during her year studying abroad there.

Gabriela Diaz

Amber Halbach (Class of 2020) studied for a full year in Paraguay through the Americans Abroad Program. She will come into CHS to talk with students about her experience in Paraguay during homeroom on February 25.

Halbach used the Americans Abroad Program to take classes in a different country. Halbach will come into Chilton to talk about her experience with Americans Abroad to help current CHS students to understand what the program is and why people use it.

“I hope to spread a message of acceptance to CHS,” Halbach said. “Many people in Chilton don’t have the opportunity to explore the world outside of the U.S., and I hope that my experience can help others learn and expand their horizons.”

Halbach has made friends from Japan to Belgium by studying in the program.

“Studying abroad can help open your worldview to things you might not have even thought about before, Halbach said.

The Americans Abroad Program is meant for students to take online or in-person classes in a different country for a semester or a full year. Mrs. Amanda Keskinen, the AFS adviser and Spanish teacher, is attempting to spread the message to as many people as possible.

Mrs. Keskinen said, “You will be able to understand Paraguay’s culture, school, how to sign up (to study) abroad and how to apply for scholarships to study through Americans Abroad.”

To attend the meeting to learn more about Amber Halbach and the Americans Abroad Program, interested students should request Mrs. Keskinen’s homeroom in Rebentify for February 25.