Art Class Repurposes Old Vinyl Records


Photo submitted by Mrs. Jane Schmitz Senior Ayden Hoerth paints the cover of one of his favorite albums on an old vinyl record.

Abigail Waggoner

Painting classes at CHS worked on a vinyl painting project, an assignment to paint an album cover on an old record as a canvas.

Mrs. Jane Schmitz, the art teacher, said, “My mother-in-law gave me some vinyl records that were scratched up. I thought painting on them would be a great way to repurpose the vintage vinyl.”

Before starting to paint on the vinyl, the students had to paint on a layer of gesso, which works as a primer and makes it easier for the paint to stick. Then they were able to sketch out their album and begin painting.

Mrs. Schmitz also said, “I think most students liked the eclectic look of all of these records and the opportunity to create their favorite group on them. When they are all put together as a grouping to view, I think they look interesting.”

Students’ choices of album covers to paint ranged a great deal. Examples include Motley Crue’s “Theatre of Pain” and The Oh Hellos’ “Dear Wormwood.”

“I liked this project because it was different, sophomore Esther Garcia-Silva said. “We got to paint on a new surface. It wasn’t just a boring canvas.”

Other painting projects the classes do include a monochromatic study and a recreation of a famous painting. Many students also learn how to stretch

their own canvas.

Freshman Katie Bartel said, “I liked that we got to choose the album we painted.”

The album she chose was True Love Never Dies by the rock band Otherwise.

“I thought the kids really did a great job with this visual challenge,” said Mrs. Schmitz. “The idea of painting on the vinyl was a great way to cross over and create a mixed media piece!”