You Donut Want to Miss This!


Sophie Kahlow

CHS Principal Mr. Shawn Rude has nominated all of the winter sports team managers for their invaluable contributions to their respective teams: (front row) Kaylee Anhalt, Bryleigh Tasch, Amber Anhalt, Emmie Strouf, Emma Daul, (back row) Bailey Birschbach, Emma Bartels, Vanessa Angeles, Teressa Gebhart, Gaby Diaz, Brianna Lemke and (not pictured) Emerson Schmitz.

Students: Winter sports team managers

Nominating staff member: Mr. Shawn Rude, CHS principal

Nomination statement: “During the long winter sports seasons, there are some great performances by athletes and coaches. Behind the scenes these teams have some unsung heroes that make sure some very important little things are accomplished. The people responsible behind the scenes getting water, running clocks at practice, manning drawings, cleaning up and filming are the team managers. This year, we have an exceptionally large and exceptionally dedicated group of team managers for our winter sports seasons. This group of individuals helps coaches and teams in many ways not often seen by the people at the games. That is why they are all worthy of being nominated.”


What is your funniest manager moment?

Vanessa Angeles, freshman, girls basketball: “It was the day before a game, and me and Erietta were racing in the chairs that the table people sit at. And I went into the bleachers.”

Amber Anhalt, sophomore, wrestling manager: “One night after sectionals, a small group of the wrestling team went out to eat at Pizza Ranch and was seated in a back room where a gender-reveal party was taking place, as well. We really got involved with the family, placing bets on what gender, and were really excited to find out what it was going to be. Before we left we were able to find out which gender it was going to be. It was a boy.”

Kaylee Anhalt, senior, wrestling manager: “I tried to get the Pizza Ranch worker to celebrate Bryleigh’s birthday even though it wasn’t her birthday. Then we got the whole team to sing happy birthday and she was really embarrassed.”

Emma Bartels, senior, girls basketball manager: “I was in the storage room putting something away and fell back and broke a hanger.”

Bailey Birschbach, junior, swimming manager: “I would have to say the time when David Suttner was floating around in the pool, and Alex Hein and Bryce Van Rooy, who are certified lifeguards, jumped in and fished him out of the water. They pretended to give him CPR, which was rather amusing. After a few minutes of that, David sat up, and all three were laughing pretty hard.”

Emma Daul, sophomore, wrestling manager: “The funniest thing about being a manager is the kids.”

Gaby Diaz and Brianna Lemke, freshmen, boys basketball managers: “I would have to say that Brianna and my funniest manager moment would

either be all the bus rides together or having the bus driver backing up on a highway because he took a wrong turn.”

Teressa Gebhart, senior, girls basketball manager: “When I had to play defense during JV practice sophomore year.”

Emerson Schmitz, sophomore, girls basketball manager: “My funniest manager moment was learning Braille outside the locker room while the girls were getting ready, and I almost got squished between the door and the wall while reading Braille.”

Emmie Strouf, junior, wrestling manager: “I would say our funniest manager moment was when we arrived at sectionals and they told us only one manager allowed, but we had five. Our coach said we only had one manager, which confused us all, but then said the rest of us were cheerleaders. They believed us and we got in free.”

Bryleigh Tasch, freshman, wrestling manager: “The funniest manager moment was probably when they sang to me at Pizza Ranch because it was my ‘birthday.’”

*The students as well as the nominating staff member each receives a box of donuts.