Editorial: Vote Yes for New Athletic Complex


the prowler staff

The referendum questions need to pass on behalf of the schools and the opportunities they create for the students.

As part of the Chilton School District facilities referendum question, there is an opportunity for a new sporting complex. There has been talk of this for a while. The track is damaged and there have been knives, broken glass, etc. found there on many different occasions.

Also, the new athletic complex would include sports other than just track. If the new facility is built, a new football field would be inside the track. This way the football players would not need to be bussed to Morrissey Park for “home” games.

“The new facility will benefit our programs and community by giving everyone a safe and secure place to hold games, contests, assemblies and other events,” said Activities Director Mr. Corey Behnke, who also teaches physical education and coaches. “We want this facility to be used by everyone in our community.

The new sporting complex would provide a safer area for students to practice and decrease the risks of injury. The complex would be surrounded by fencing to prevent harmful things from being scattered across the area.

I think the sporting complex could benefit the future classes to encourage students to want to compete in sports as well as P.E. classes,” said senior Sophie Kahlow.

In addition, the building of the new athletic complex would make it so we can host home track meets, which we haven’t been able to do since 2019.

Plus, Chilton hosts WIAA playoff games, such as the boys basketball sectional game held at CHS on March 10. If the new sporting complex is built, Chilton can host football and track post-season events, too. These events would bring in more money for the school district.

While there is no doubt a great nostalgia associated with Morrissey and our history of playing and hosting sports there, the unfortunate reality is that it is no longer a safe place for these events to take place,” said track coach and

CHS English teacher Mr. David Schmitt. “We already are unable to host track meets, and the day when we are unable to host football games is not far off.”

There are also other important parts of the facilities referendum question, such as renovations and an addition to Chilton Elementary School as well as safer dropoff and pickup routes for both the elementary and middle schools.

The other part of the referendum is an operational question. If it doesn’t pass, fifth-grade band, some AP classes, S.H.A.R.E. and freshman sports could be cut.

Junior Alexis Schwobe said, “I’d be really frustrated if the operational referendum (question) doesn’t pass because that means I won’t be able to take a lot of the classes I signed up for next year.”

Although the cost of the referendum as a whole is very expensive, the money would go towards students’ futures. The new complex could improve the level of training for Chilton athletes and give them more opportunities to get better.

Photo by Marissa Ray
Two referendum questions will be on the April 5th ballot. The facilities question includes a new athletic complex on the Chilton School District campus to replace the track and football field at Morrissey Park, which is now owned by the City of Chilton. The track is falling apart with many cracks and uneven blacktop. And because the track is at the bottom of the hill, all of the grass is often soaked and there are puddles by the shotput and discus areas, which are to the right of the visible area.

If both the referendum questions pass, the school portion of the tax rate will go back to the same as it was in 2021. It will not go any higher than it was before.

Voting is happening on April 5. It is important that you vote pro-referendum to not only keep student athletes safe but also to continue to offer the great opportunities such as extracurriculars, clubs and classes for current and future Chilton students.

For more information, go to www.chiltonsd.community.