CMS Students Create Organization to Inspire Kindness


Photo submitted by Mrs. Denys Mallmann Sixth-grader Amelia Ecker, a member of CMS’s Kindness Committee, being the “i” in kind to help promote April as Kindness Month.

Hale Miron

In the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Denys Mallmann, the CMS school counselor, attended a conference with a presentation on the concept of a “Kind Club.” Knowing of students at CMS who would be interested in a club like that, she brought it up to them.

One day, Mrs. Mallmann and I were meeting, and she was telling me about the meeting she had the day before and how they mentioned a kindness club and she thought I would be a great person to start a club like that,” said Virginia Moehn, the first seventh-grade representative on what is now called “Kindness Committee.

With the help of Moehn, they recruited three other students one each from the other three grades for the committee. Now, there are two students from each gradelevel at CMS in the group.

“There are a lot of nice people in our school, but I guess we just needed someone to start it. I really don’t know why I was picked out of all the very nice people, but I’m very happy and proud that I was picked,” Moehn said. “I do hope the Kindness Committee has an impact on the Chilton Middle School. A little bit of kindness won’t hurt anyone.”

Kindness Committee sold t-shirts that read, “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness — BE KIND,” as well as organized a candy cane sale and a Valentine’s Day sale, which allowed students to give candy to classmates while also knowing their money would go to a good cause.

Chloe Tasch, the first eighth-grade representative on Kindness Committee, said, “I thought that the Kindness Committee could become something big. I wanted to be a part of something that made a difference in others’ lives. As an eighth-grader, I figured I understood how others were being treated and it needed to change. I hope that the Kindness Committee can continue to make a difference even outside of school.” 

Currently, Kindness Committee is running a fundraising challenge called Teacher Dares. At the $250 mark, Mrs. Mallmann and Kindness Committee members will do the well-known Ice Bucket Challenge. For every $250 raised beyond that, staff have volunteered to perform certain dares, such as a worm eating contest and CMS Principal Mr. Matt Kiel shaving his hair and being duct taped to the wall.

The group’s goal for this fundraiser is $2,500. At last check, donations totaled approximately $650. People who would like to donate may drop off their contributions in the CMS office. The deadline is April 29.

The money raised during Teacher Dares will go toward both the Eastshore Humane Association and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.