You Donut Want to Miss This!


Sophie Kahlow

Student: Amber Vandenhouten, sophomore

Nominating staff member: Mrs. Amy Thielman, agriscience teacher

Nomination statement: “While I was out, Amber messaged me to say the greenhouse plants were dying and asked if she could water them because ‘…no plants will die on her watch!’”


What was a dream career you had as a child? “I wanted to be a princess.”

What was the last thing that made you feel like an idiot? “I left a container of worms in my car when it was really hot outside. Then, they got all squishy and melted and made my car smell like moldy worms.”

Whom is your hero and why? “My hero is probably my dad because he has always been there for me and fixes everything for me.”

If you knew me, you would know that I...“drive a minivan.”

Whom would you cast to play you in a movie about you? “I would obviously cast Dwayne Johnson because we look alike and no one would be able to tell the difference. He’s also funny and would do a good job filling my spot.”

Whom is one person — alive or dead — you would like to share a meal with? “I would love to have a meal with The Rock because he is huge and I feel like he would enjoy a good meal at Texas Roadhouse.”

*The student as well as the nominating staff member each receives a box of donuts.