Junior Participates in Historical Reenactments


Photo submitted by Haley Byrge Junior Haley Byrge, a French and Indian War reenactor, shows off her new hat at Bloody Lake Rendezvous in Woodford, Wisconsin.

Hale Miron

Reenacting historical events has grown in popularity in recent years. A historical reenactment is usually organized by a large group and can range from multiple time periods, such as the American Civil War, World War II and Vietnam.

Haley Byrge, a CHS junior, reenacts the French and Indian War. This war, also known as the Seven Years War, was fought between Britain, its colonies in America and its native allies against France and its allies in the Americas.

“What caused me to be interested in reenactments was my family. Ever since I was three months old, I was going to reenactments with my mom and dad,” Byrge said. “I grew up doing so because my dad had joined reenacting before I was even born.”

“He wanted to do it because he was always into history and it was a great way for our family to enjoy time together,” Byrge said. And from then on it became a big part of my life. And I enjoy teaching people about history and how life was way back then when there was no technology.”

The group that Byrge is involved with is called the “Goff Company of New


“When I am a part of a reenactment, it means a lot because the people and the school kids that come see us can visually know what it was like in certain time periods instead of learning about it in a history book in pictures in school,” Byrge said. I believe it helps people learn a lot about history because it can be hard in this generation looking at pictures and not visually experiencing the real deal. It makes me feel really happy when I see little kids come up to us and ask questions and learn something new.”

She added that reenactors research to decide what time period they would like to portray and what clothing and equipment are necessary.

For me, personally, I don’t think it’s a hobby,” Byrge said. “It’s a lifestyle because all the people you meet there are family to me, and I have known them all my life.”

Byrge encourages anyone who is interested to attend a reenactment.

“Surprisingly enough, there are a lot more reenactments in Wisconsin than many people would think, but our group does travel all over the country for them, too,” Byrge said. The plus side of reenactments is also being in nature around the campfire with great friends and waking up in the morning to the birds chirping outside your tent. It is a great experience.”