New Spanish teacher at CHS


Ms. Megan Leisgang is CHS’s new Spanish teacher.

Hale Miron

At the beginning of this school year, CHS welcomed Ms. Megan Leisgang, its new Spanish teacher.

She went to school at both St. Norbert College, where she received her bachelor’s degree, and UW-Madison.

Ms. Leisgang decided that a smaller community would be best for her to build connections with students, having attended Green Bay’s much larger school district.

Ms. Leisgang had this to say about her first impressions of CHS: “I love it. I love the small community feel.”

According to Ms. Leisgang, she had wanted to be a teacher since elementary school, and she taught at UW-Madison before coming to CHS. She also credits her high school Spanish teacher for her interest in the language.

“When she (assigns homework), she walks us through the assignment and it helps a lot,” said Bailey Birschbach, a senior. “She also helps us understand the material before a test is given. Also, she seems to treat teaching us as a job she willingly took up rather than a task forced onto her.”

Ms. Leisgang currently teaches sections of Spanish I and II but will teach Spanish III next semester, as well.

“If it were my first day again,” Ms. Leisgang said, “I would tell my students that having high expectations is because I want to see them all succeed.”

Her favorite TV series is “Game of Thrones,” an HBO production based on the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

Something Ms. Leisgang said nobody would guess about her is that she loves to water ski.