New special education teacher at CHS


Lilli Braun

This year, CHS has welcomed Ms. Tori Zipperer to the district as a special education teacher who works with students with intellectual disabilities.

Ms. Zipperer received her bachelor’s degree at UW-Whitewater and worked as a special education teacher in West Bend at Badger Middle School for two years before coming to Chilton.

“(Students) make my day so much better,” Ms. Zipperer said.It gives you a different perspective on life, and I’m hoping I can make some sort of difference in theirs.

She decided to pursue this career because she simply enjoys being around kids.

“I love working with my students every day and seeing them learn and grow,” Ms. Zipperer said.

One of her students said, “Sometimes we’ll watch ‘CNN 10.’ We get to see what’s happening in the world.” She also described Ms. Zipperer as a very fun teacher.

Ms. Zipperer grew up in New Holstein where she participated in a multitude of sports and took part in a service club.

In her free time, Ms. Zipperer likes to spend time with her family and friends as well as walking her dog, Maple, and traveling. She also enjoys watching Netflix when she can.