Pie-eating contest provides entertainment before holiday

Lilli Braun

A half-hour before students and teachers were released for Thanksgiving Break, they gathered in the gym to watch nine contestants scarf down a pumpkin or apple pie with nothing but their hands and mouths.

CHS has held pie-eating contests in the past. Although, it has been three years since the last. Student Council adviser Mrs. Mia Schreurs said, “The student council felt that since we could not do our normal Halloween activities due to it being so close to the end of the first quarter, we should do something fun for Thanksgiving.”

Two volunteers from each grade — excluding the freshmen, who only had one volunteer — and two teachers participated in the contest. The contenders were chosen by student vote from a list of nominees.

Each contestant had their own eating technique. Dipping the pie crust into its filling like chips and dip, scooping the pie’s center with one’s hands and folding the entire pie like a sugary taco are just a few approaches to this festive challenge.

Garbage cans dotted the gymnasium in case of mishaps. One of these bins soon became acquainted with Drew Piepenburg, a senior whose stomach threatened to forfeit the contest for him. Eventually, he did toss out the pie, officially resigning from the competition.

Anticipation grew as the tin plates emptied. Who would finish the quickest? Soon enough, the answer was clear. Sophomore Connor Shaw cleared his plate with few crumbs remaining, receiving well-earned congratulations and a gift card.

“I participated in the contest because it seemed fun, and it was,” Shaw said.