Conservation Club receives trailer


Conservation Club members and their advisers stand in front of their new 7’ x 14’ trailer that was recently donated by Quinney Fishing Club.

Hale Miron

The CHS Conservation Club received a mint-condition 7’ x 14’ enclosed aluminum rampload trailer two weeks ago. Donated by the Quinney Fishing Club, the trailer offers some much-needed relief to Ms. Tara Porter, an English teacher and an adviser to the club, who currently holds the group’s fishing equipment in her classroom.

Ms. Porter said, “The club exists solely for the purpose of getting students outdoors, enjoying each other and fostering a love of lifelong activities. We always have fun and create lots of memories. It is so cool seeing hundreds of kids out on the ice running after tip ups, building snow couches and pulling their first or their personal best fish through the ice. Our (annual) goal is to introduce at least one student to the world of ice fishing, and we have met that goal every year so far.”

The club was originally formed in 2016, due to student interest. After some research, they discovered the existence of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Fishing Association (WIFA), which backs clubs in at least 120 schools and sponsors local competitions and a state-level competition.

Sophomore Blake Heinrich, a member of Conservation Club, said, “What makes the club significant to me is that I can fish on many different lakes, and I love fishing. (The trailer) means that the equipment will be safe, and then it’s also not in Ms. Porter’s room. And then we can take a four-wheeler out on the lake to make it easier out on the lake.”

The club is not financially supported by the school district and relies on the WIFA raffle and donations from organizations such as the Brothertown Fishing Club, Brickyard Fishing Club and Worthington Industries to maintain its operations such as ice fishing and shooting trap.

Senior Jakob Lemke, another Conservation Club member, said, “I would just like to say thank you to the Quinney Fishing Club for donating the trailer and a thank you to the rest of the local clubs like Brickyard and the Brothertown Fishing Club for also supporting the club in donating money.”

The club intends to decorate the trailer with the logos of the Chilton Ice Fishing Team as well as their sponsors: the Quinney Fishing Club, the Brothertown Fishing Club, Brickyard Fishing Club and others including Worthington Industries, Walleye Magic Custom Lures, Schumacher’s Shanty Bait and Gun, and Rippn-Lips Tackle Company.

Mr. Jim Delebreau, a math teacher, and Mr. David Schmitt, an English teacher, also advise Conservation Club.