Schedule creation process for next school year improved



Members of the sophomore class meet in the commons to learn how to create their schedules for next school year.

CHS students are creating their own schedules for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. This new process is being run by Mrs. Rebecca Knepfel, the CHS school counselor. She met with each grade on a separate day to direct them on how to make their own schedules using PowerSchool, the student information system.

In previous years, CHS students received their schedules close to the start of the school year. Mrs. Knepfel said, “Students’ and parents’ big request was that they wanted schedules earlier.”

Mrs. Knepfel first met with the junior class to create their schedules for the upcoming school year. Junior Allyson Thomes said she was able to schedule her required classes. However, for her elective classes, Thomes said, “Everything I wanted ran at the same time.”

After that, Mrs. Knepfel met with the sophomore class to discuss their schedule creation process. The majority of the sophomore class is satisfied with the classes that they have chosen for the 2023-2024 school year.

Sophomore Emily Boll said, “I got into all of the classes that I am required to take. It seemed like many of the AP classes fell during band and choir times.”

The freshman class met with Mrs. Knepfel next. The majority of the class agreed that they received most of the required classes that they will be taking for the next school year. They also agreed that they like this process more than receiving a schedule.

All grades agreed that the schedule creation process is complex, but many said that it is easier to pick their own classes rather than to receive a schedule. Therefore, the goal of the changes to the schedule creation process is being accomplished.

Mrs. Knepfel said, “It is going really well, but there are several students who tried taking classes that they’re not able to take.” Some CHS students selected classes that they are not eligible for due to their grades or pre-requisites. This has an effect on other CHS students who want to take certain classes but cannot due to the first group of students filling sections until Mrs. Knepfel can correct those scheduling mistakes.