Changes Made to Homecoming Week This Year


Shianne Berger

Junior Spencer Kratz pumps up the crowd wearing the mascot uniform during the Homecoming assembly in the gym on Sept. 28.

Shianne Berger

Homecoming included many changes this year, but it remained a week full of fun activities and school spirit leading up to the big game Friday night and the dance Saturday night.

Going around town and toilet papering a friend’s house is all part of that school spirit. A tradition held here at CHS is toilet papering the school. This year, Mr. Ty Breitlow, the high school principal, and the staff were
encouraging toilet papering the school and had even set aside time for it during the school day.

Mr. Michael Arendt, an elementary and high school physical education teacher as well as the head coach of the football team, said, “We are setting aside time for students to do this to help build school spirit and to build to
the atmosphere of Homecoming week. We want people to come through town to know that it is Homecoming week and that we do have a lot of spirit here!”

“It was nice there was time set aside, but I don’t think it appealed to many students,” said junior Rhylee Koehler.

Senior Courtney Ploeckelman said, “I thought is was stupid. It’s more fun when there is no designated time and no supervision.”

The toilet papering of the school was moved from Monday to Wednesday due to rain in the forecast for Tuesday. According to Mr. Arendt, students still could have toilet papered the school after early release on Wednesday,
but it interfered with the first games of the stud volleyball tournament. Mr. Arendt is all for the idea of trying to do it again next year.

In addition, stud volleyball and powderpuff football were open to all grades this year, not just juniors and seniors. The purpose of this was to increase participation in Homecoming week.

Stud volleyball, which is volleyball played with teams made up of guys, is one of the traditions that changed. First, the freshmen played against the juniors, and then the sophomores played against the seniors. The final game
was played between the winners of the first two games — the juniors and seniors — during the assembly on Friday. It was a close game, but the seniors took the win.

Another change was powderpuff football, which was played the night of Monday, Sept. 24, to open the week’s festivities. Powderpuff is a game of flag football played between teams of girls. The game between the freshmen
and the sophomores ended in a tie. Meanwhile, the seniors won the game against the juniors.

It is a tradition for the varsity football team to go to the middle school for their assembly, but this year all varsity sports attended. Mr. Arendt said, “All the varsity fall sports are going to the middle school to help have representation and to show school spirit for all sports during Homecoming week, not just football.”

Every year, Chilton Area Catholic School alums who are on varsity football went back to CACS to celebrate Homecoming. This year, that opportunity was open to all CACS alums who are in fall sports.

Another change was that the assembly was planned by Varsity Club instead of Student Council, which normally runs it.

Homecoming week is also considered a competition between the grades. Grades earn points based on how many participate in the dress up days, who wins stud volleyball and powderpuff football, and who wins the games
during the assembly. The freshmen won the competition and received a cupcake party during homeroom on Oct. 4.

The football team won against Brillion on Friday, 28-7. It was their first Homecoming win in six years.

Lastly, there was the annual Homecoming dance on Sept. 29. Senior Auggy Diaz won Homecoming King and senior Reagan Brown won Homecoming Queen.