How To Vote for Eligible Seniors


Shianne Berger

It’s that time of year: November elections. Many students are too young to vote, but there are eligible seniors this year. To be eligible, people have to be 18 years old on or before election day.

Mrs. Emily Guy, a CHS social studies teacher, said, “People should vote because if they have issues they care about it is one of the ways to have their voice heard.”

Voting is being held on November 6. Polls will open at 7:00 a.m. and will close at 8:00 p.m.

By going to, a voter can enter his or her street address, city and zip code, and the site will supply the person with what polling place he or she is assigned to.

Wisconsin requires a photo ID when voting. A driver’s license could easily be used as a photo ID.

There are many ways to register for voting: online, by mail and in person.

Voters can register in person. They would have to contact the local election office for details. The last day for this is November 6, so it is possible to register on Election Day.

For registering online, voters could visit In addition, voters could print and fill out a form from to mail in. However, the deadline for both these options was October 17.

For more information on voting, visit This website is very useful and goes in depth on the voting process. It will provide information on the sample ballot, who is all running and where to vote depending on what address is inserted.

The ballot will break down the different positions that people will be voting for. For voters in the City of Chilton, here are all the candidates, the positions they are running for and their political parties:

  • Governor/Lieutenant Governor
    • Scott Walker / Rebecca Kleefisch (Republican)
    • Tony Evers / Mandela Barnes (Democratic)
    • Phillip Anderson / Patrick Baird (Libertarian)
    • Michael J. White / Tiffany Anderson (Wisconsin Green)
    • Maggie Turnbull / Wil Losch (Independent)
    • Arnie Enz / No Candidate (The Wisconsin Party)
  • Attorney General
    • Brad Schimel (Republican)
    • Josh Kaul (Democratic)
    • Terry Larson (Constitution)
  • Secretary of State
    • Jay Schroeder (Republican)
    • Doug La Follette (Democratic)
  • State Treasurer
    • Travis Hartwig (Republican)
    • Sarah Godlewski (Democratic)
    • Andrew Zuelke (Constitution)
  • United States Senator
    • Leah Vukmir (Republican)
    • Tammy Baldwin (Democratic)
  • Representative in Congress District 8 — in Washington, D.C.
    • Mike Gallagher (Republican)
    • Beau Liegeois (Democratic)
  • State Senator District 9 — in Madison
    • Devin LeMahieu (Republican)
    • Kyle Whelton (Democratic)
  • Representative to the Assembly District 25
    • Paul Tittl (Republican)
    • Jennifer Estrada (Democratic)
  • Calumet County Sheriff
    • Mark Wiegert (Republican)
  • Calumet County Clerk of Circuit Court
    • Connie Daun (Republican)

The candidates for state senator and representative to the assembly will vary depending on what district voters live in.

There is also a spot under each office called ‘Write In’ where voters can write in someone else if they so choose.