Class Plans School, Community Fundraiser


Shianne Berger

The members of CHS’s Creative Writing course are running a fundraiser called Hope for the Holidays to benefit community members in need.

Shianne Berger

This holiday season, Creative Writing students created a project called “Hope for the Holidays” to help those in need. The class consists of 23 sophomores who want to make an impact on their community.

“Our goal is to collect money to help support the families in need throughout our community during the tough winter months,” stated the Creative Writing students’ presentation, which they gave before every homeroom on November 26, to begin Hope for the Holidays.

“The proceeds made at school will be counted and put into a fund for the (Creative Writing) students to go shopping to get food and supplies for the students at the school that are in need,” said Mrs. Samantha Meyers, the English teacher who — along with her student teacher Ms. Miranda Sendek — teaches the Creative Writing course.

The money collected from the community will be donated to the Salvation Army to help families in need.

“The kids had remembered that last year’s Creative Writing class had done a project and asked if they could do one,” said Mrs. Meyers. “Then the students came up with the coin drive to raise money for people in our community and our school.”

To collect money from the community, there are wrapped boxes at locations throughout Chilton, such as the library and Terra Verde. To view the complete list, visit

“During our discussion, Mrs. Meyers brought up the fact that there are people in our school that don’t have access to basic needs, such as food, hygiene products, and a place to stay,” said sophomore Breanna Bowe. “That is when we decided we needed to do something to help.”

In addition, there will be a coin challenge going on between the grades, and the winner will get a prize the week before Christmas break. And if the school reaches certain goals, there will be school-wide rewards that involve teachers doing different activities.

Mr. Zach Platner, an English teacher, agreed to be gift-wrapped if the school reaches $150. At $300 Mrs. Meyers will dye her hair a color chosen by the student body. And if the school reaches the highest goal of $675, Mr. Ty Breitlow, the principal, will be slimed. There are many more embarrassing acts the staff has agreed to do when other amounts are raised.

This fundraiser will last until December 14. A little bit of spare change could make all the difference.