Bringing Back Challenge Day


Photo submitted by Mr. Michael Arendt

Challenge Day participants sign “I love you” while gathered in the CHS gym towards the end of the daylong program.

Shianne Berger and Zoe Hein-Pinkert

CHS brought back Challenge Day for the fourth year in a row on November 29. This year was the second year where it was just for freshmen, Link Crew leaders and 25 teachers and community volunteers.

“We bring Challenge Day back every year because, number one, our administration and community are amazing and allow us to and to also give our students an opportunity at a memorable day that will hopefully carry over into their lives/school/community,” said Mr. Michael Arendt, an elementary and high school physical education teacher, who coordinates Challenge Day at CHS.

“Challenge Day was good,” said Jack Feider, a freshman who attended. “And it was an eye-opening experience that made a lot of people change their hearts and minds.”

Julia Breckheimer, a junior Link Crew leader who was there, said, “It was really moving and helpful to see what other people were going through.”

Link Crew is a group of 22 juniors and seniors who help the freshmen throughout the year. These upperclassmen had to fill out an application and were chosen my Mrs. Denys Mallmann, the high school counselor.

“I think that having it be freshmen and Link Crew leaders was a good idea. But I think they should add some more of the upperclassmen, so more people throughout the school understand what we talked about,” said Breckheimer.

Challenge Day is a day that is designated for students to open up and be real with their classmates. It allows students to see that, although they might feel alone, they aren’t and other people have been or are going through the same or similar situations.

“The decision to move it to all freshmen and Link Crew members was made because it will ensure that most, if not all, students will get to experience the day and also because our Link Crew members work directly with those younger students throughout the entire year,” said Mr. Arendt.

This year, Chilton was lucky enough to have Yvonne St. John-Dutra and Rich Dutra-St. John, the founders of this program, lead the day.

“The founders did a great job. They did an amazing job working with the students and also controlling the environment of the presentation,” said Mr. Arendt. “They were extremely professional, friendly and courteous throughout the entire day.”